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Dr. Bruce Branson

Professor, Associate Director, ERM Initiative

MAC Course: ACC 510 – Advanced Financial Accounting (core)
MBA Course: MBA 590 – Overview of Enterprise Risk Management (elective)


  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Capital Market Perceptions of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives
  • Annual Report on the Current State of ERM
  • Executive Perspectives on Top Risks

Highlights of your experience teaching in the MAC Program:

I really enjoy interacting with bright and hard-working students. Every class presents new questions that keep me on my toes and force me to stay current. I have had the opportunity to lead groups of MAC students abroad to the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany on six different trips. Learning about work and life abroad has been a real eye opener for all of us.

What are MAC students like in the classroom?

Attentive and interested in learning, tech-savvy and supportive and collegial to their peers.

Do you have any advice to prospective students on what to expect from the MAC curriculum?

Expect to be challenged and to learn how to learn. Cultivate a large network of friends—they will be professional colleagues for many years and don’t procrastinate—it’s deadly!

Something personal you would like to share?

My teaching career has been so enriched by my association with the MAC classes over the years. It has been fantastic to see so many of my former students go on to successful and satisfying lives. I have been recently smitten by the yoga bug and it has been transformational for me and in how I relate to others. Namaste!