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The Jenkins MAC Program is looking for applicants who display intellectual rigor, leadership skills, aptitude for teamwork and a strong academic background. The Admission Committee, comprised of accounting faculty and staff, evaluates candidates on not just GPA and GMAT but also on their leadership and involvement in the classroom and community.

Applying to the Jenkins MAC

The Jenkins MAC Program accepts applications from individuals with an undergraduate degree in accounting and with an undergraduate degree in any major provided they complete a set of seven prerequisite courses.  Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the start of any MAC graduate courses.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Undergraduate Academic Record and Grade Point Average –  includes prerequisite accounting courses for those without an accounting undergraduate degree. Students can take these courses at NC State or another college or university. The courses can also be taken online through the ASAP: Online Prerequisite Program.
  • GMAT score – The admissions committee requires that all applicants who score below 530 on their first attempt retake the exam. Scores are accepted for the GMAT exam taken in the past 5 years. Information about the GMAT exam can be obtained online. Review our GMAT waiver policy
  • Engagement & Leadership – The admissions committee scores applicants on some of the following criteria:
    • Internship/work experience
    • Student Athletics
    • Campus Organizations (fraternities/sororities/honor societies, etc.)
    • Volunteer work/community involvement
    • Study Abroad
    • Overall presence, leadership experience and integrity
    • Letters of recommendation
    • In-person MAC interview

ASAP: Online Prerequisite Program

The ASAP Program is designed for non-accounting majors who have been admitted to the Online or On-Campus Jenkins MAC Program. The program is intended to provide coverage of fundamental undergraduate concepts/topics necessary for MAC core courses and electives.