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Dr. Marianne Bradford


MBA Elective: MBA 515 – Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (required for IT concentration and SAP certification)

MBA Elective: MBA 590-Advanced SAP – Configuration (required for SAP certification)

Academic Background

  • Ph D – University of Tennessee: Major: Accounting
  • MBA – Millsaps College
  • BS – University of Mississippi: Major: Accounting

Recent/Past Research

  • Bradford, M., Earp, J. and Williams, P, Showalter, S. Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Stakeholder Concerns: Is there a Disconnect? Accounting Horizons. Vol. 31, No. 1 (March) 2017. pp. 83-102
  • Henderson, D. and Bradford, M, Kotb, A. Inhibitors and Enablers of GAS Usage: Testing the Dual Factor ModelJournal of Information Systems. Vol 30, No. 3 (Fall) 2016. pp. 135-155.
  • Bradford, M., Earp, J., and Grabski, S. Centralized End-to-End Identity and Access Managementand ERP Systems: A Multi-Case Analysis using the Technology Organization EnvironmentFramework. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems. Vol. 15, No. 2 (June) 2014. pp. 149-165

Do you have any advice to prospective students on what to expect from the MAC curriculum?

Own your educational experience and be proactive about your career choice. There are many options out there for MAC students, including careers using an IT and ACC background. Be honest with yourself about what you like and are good at. Try not to fixate on grades singularly. At the end of the day, this degree is about obtaining the knowledge and skills for a career you enjoy and excel in.

Something personal you would like to share?

I’m obsessed with tennis. I play on multiple tennis teams at my club and last year we went to the State championships. One regret of mine is that I didn’t learn tennis as a young person and only started playing in my late 20’s. I would have liked to have played college-level! Tennis is the way I keep in shape and it’s also fun and social. Other than that, I love to read a good book on the beach, ride the greenways on my bike, and play with my labradoodle, Francis.