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Bonnie Hancock

Professor Practice, Executive Director ERM Initiative

MAC Course: ACC 519 – Applied Financial Management

Research/Consulting Engagements:

I currently serve on the board of directors of Powell Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: POWL) and AgFirst Farm Credit Bank as well as two non-profit entities. I chair the audit committee for two boards, chair the Risk Policy Committee at the bank, and also serve on the Compensation Committee for Powell. In addition to board service I consult with boards and provide executive education on the board’s risk oversight responsibilities.

Highlights of your experience teaching in the MAC Program:

Since I teach Applied Financial Management, we use a lot of case studies in the course, and include many current events in the financial markets. One of the most enjoyable projects (for me and the students!) that students work on is a presentation related to a proposed merger that is currently under consideration. For example, last semester students worked on Microsoft’s offer to acquire Yahoo! One group had to assume the role of Microsoft management and present their case for why Yahoo! shareholders should accept their offer, and another group had to make the case for Yahoo! shareholders to reject the offer and allow the company to remain independent. The students really got into their roles and used a lot of creativity, and good analysis to make their case. Adding a little competition really helped to up the ante as well, as their classmates had to vote on the proposal after hearing both presentations!

What are MAC students like in the classroom?

MAC students are really focused, interested in learning, and ask great questions. I really look forward to teaching MAC classes because I always learn something from the students, whether it is a different way to look at an issue, or a novel question I had not considered before.

Do you have any advice to prospective students on what to expect from the MAC curriculum

Students should expect to be challenged – both from an intellectual perspective and from a time management perspective. It is a demanding curriculum, but you’ll be working alongside students with similar high motivation levels and professors who want to help you to succeed. You should also expect that the curriculum will not only prepare you for the CPA exam, but also prepare you to be successful in your career.

Something personal you would like to share:

I changed careers a few years ago from a senior management position at a Fortune 250 company to becoming a full-time faculty member here at State. It was a change I had thought about for several years, and one that I thought I would enjoy. It has definitely exceeded my expectations for enjoyment – I truly enjoy the challenge of developing and delivering the content in my classes, and probably, more importantly, the interactions with the students, and the possibility that I can have a positive impact on their careers.