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Dr. Nathan Goldman

Assistant Professor

MAC Course: ACC 530 – Advanced Tax


My research primarily relates to corporate taxation and three unique nodes. First, I examine the interactions between corporate taxation and the auditing of income taxes. Second, I examine the capital market effects of corporate taxation. And, third, I examine the effects of regulating corporate taxation. I have numerous projects in process related to each of these subfields, as well as the following two published studies:

Drake, K. D., Goldman, N. C., & Lusch, S. J. (2016). Do income tax-related deficiencies in publicly disclosed PCAOB Part II reports influence audit client financial reporting of income tax accounts?. The Accounting Review, 91(5), 1411-1439.

Erickson, M. J., Goldman, N. C., & Stekelberg, J. (2015). The cost of compliance: FIN 48 and audit fees. The Journal of the American Taxation Association, 38(2), 67-85.

Highlights of your experience teaching in the MAC Program:

I enjoy the excitement and energy that comes with teaching in the MAC program. At this stage in the students’ academic careers, there is no longer a “pass/fail” mentality. Every student has already achieved success, and they have the educational acumen to succeed even through difficult coursework. Instead, the students come to class every day ready to learn the material because they want to learn and because what they learn in the classroom will ultimately pay dividends once they begin their professional careers.

What are MAC students like in the classroom?

The MAC students at NC State are focused, motivated, competitive, and intelligent. They do not desire just to get the right answer. They want to know why an answer is correct and how to apply each problem in a real-world setting.

Do you have any advice to prospective students on what to expect from the MAC curriculum?

The MAC curriculum is intense but carefully thought out. None of the classes are there just to check a box. Our interest is preparing you for a career in accounting, and thus we carefully structure a series of classes to help make you as competitive as possible once you leave NC State. While this may involve a lot of work while you are here, our graduates are highly sought after in the workplace, and it is because they receive the tools necessary to be successful at the next level and beyond.

Something personal you would like to share:

I recently moved back to Raleigh with my wife (Lindsay) and our son (Thomas). We can often be found on the weekends at a park or at Marbles. I love sports, and I enjoy watching all of my favorite teams, including the University of Arizona and the Dallas Cowboys. I also enjoy working out, and specifically like going for a run or jumping on my Peloton bike.