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Dr. Kathy Krawczyk

Dixon Hughes Goodman Professor of Accounting, Department Head – Accounting

MAC Course: ACC 533 – Accounting & Tax Research

Background (degrees, past work experience, etc.)

Ph D, University of Texas at Austin, Major: Accounting
MA, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
BS, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Please list some of your recent/past research

Recent published articles and Submissions:

“Using Virtual Worlds to Simulate Real-World Audit Procedures” with Frank Buckless and Scott Showalter, published in Issues in Accounting Education, August 2014.

“Accounting Education in the Second Life World: Opportunities for Students, Faculty, and Businesses” with Frank Buckless and Scott Showalter, published in The CPA Journal, March 2012.
“The Relation of Masters of Accounting Student Characteristics and Performance in the Program” with Frank Buckless, submitted to Accounting Education: an international journal, May 2015.

Other research that I am engaged in relates to personality types of MAC students and how these are associated with success in the MAC program and future jobs.

What are some highlights of your experience teaching in the MAC Program?

I have loved the fact that I have taught every single student going through the MAC Program in some way! My experience getting to know all of the students carries over to keeping strong connections to these individuals as alumni. It’s so much fun to see MAC alumni at recruiting functions, student meetings, etc.

I have taught the Research class since the MAC Program started. The class started as Tax Research, targeted for those students with an interest in tax, but has since changed to a class focusing on research in financial accounting, auditing, and tax. Keeping up with an ever changing and dynamic global profession means that this class has so much new information to pass on to students every year.

What are MAC students like in the classroom?

Each year’s MAC class is a diverse mix of students of different ages and backgrounds. They are so inquisitive and energetic, and bring their leadership background into the classroom with this diversity. As a result, we get great discussions going in class and students get to see a wide range of perspectives in any given topic.

Do you have any advice to prospective students on what to expect from the MAC curriculum?

The program moves at a fast pace and MAC students stay really busy, but it will fly by. Enjoy every day and class, and get involved on both class discussions and in outside activities! You will make lifelong friends and colleagues.

Something personal you would like to share.

I like to stay active with walking and with yoga, I love country music, and I don’t like to cook a lot. So – don’t be surprised if you run into me at one of the walking paths in Raleigh or at a restaurant or a country concert!