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This Frequently Asked Questions page offers you insights into common questions about the Jenkins MAC program.

Your MAC Questions, Answered.

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Why Jenkins MAC?

The NC State Jenkins Master of Accounting (MAC) program is a graduate-level program designed to prepare students for successful careers in accounting and business. We offer a solid foundation in accounting principles, coupled with hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for professional growth, networking, and preparation for the CPA exam. The Jenkins MAC offers two tracks: public accounting and business & industry, and three optional specializations in tax strategy, information technology, and enterprise risk management. The Jenkins MAC program is accredited by and awarded a STEM designation by AACSB and is highly ranked as one of the top accounting programs nationwide. The Jenkins MAC program students from a diversity of backgrounds into its on-campus and online program formats. More

The NC State Jenkins MAC program combines everything you expect from a top-ranked master of accounting program — AACSB accreditation, top rankings, high CPA pass rates and employment statistics — with unique strengths. We’re distinguished by our experiential curriculum designed for market needs, including the integration of data analytics, specializations and flexible delivery formats. Perhaps most importantly, you can expect to join a vibrant community of engaged faculty, staff, students and alumni — a network of support and opportunity that extends beyond graduation. More

Accounting as a profession offers a broad range of career paths and great job security. Within the NC State Jenkins MAC Program, there’s no single path to success. While many MAC students majored in accounting as undergrads, others bring different areas of expertise, from engineering to communications — and that diversity makes your MAC experience stronger. Our flexible formats allow for students to dive in full-time or take a self-paced online MAC route while continuing to work. What unites our students is a shared commitment to excellence and a desire to gain the skills needed to thrive in today’s complex business environment. More

Program Formats

The Jenkins MAC flexible formats and optional specializations empower you to earn your degree in the way that best fits your career and lifestyle. Choose from our in-person Jenkins MAC program, completed full time in one academic year at our campus in Raleigh, NC. Or, our flexible Online MAC program that allows you to pursue the Jenkins MAC Program on your terms, at your pace. Each of these formats maintains the high standards of the NC State Jenkins MAC.

We’ve created a MAC comparison chart so you can see the key distinctions between the NC State on-campus and online Master of Accounting Program.

Academics and Student Life

The Jenkins MAC program’s core curriculum uniquely prepares students for the CPA exam and accounting careers by combining teaching from industry-experienced faculty, practical experiential learning opportunities and critical skills in areas like tax, audit, risk management and data analytics. You select one of two tracks: Public Accounting or Business & Industry, and have the option to specialize in Tax Strategy, Information Technology, and Enterprise Risk Management.

You select one of two tracks: Public Accounting or Business & Industry, and have the option to specialize in Tax Strategy, Information Technology, and Enterprise Risk Management.

NC State Jenkins MAC students and faculty work hand-in-hand with corporate, public accounting, government and nonprofit partners to find solutions to real business challenges and facilitate learning. Through a series of in-class case studies, practicum projects with business partners, faculty mentoring or global experiences, you will gain a perspective and understanding of the accounting professional and business environment.

Jenkins MAC students have the opportunity to engage with the community through real world projects in the classroom to service events. This involvement prepares you to be active and engaged employees after graduation. The MAC Student Organization is a student run group that represents MAC students to the University Graduate Association. These student leaders help organize social activities, community service events and are responsible for heading up the Give Back to the MAC campaign at the end of the school year. More

Your Application

You are not required to have received an undergraduate degree in accounting. If your undergraduate degree is not in accounting, you are required to satisfy the prerequisite requirements which consists of seven courses.

The ASAP program is the fastest, most affordable and flexible way to earn your prereqs for the MAC program.

Admission for those without an accounting degree is contingent upon completion of a set of seven prerequisite courses which include accounting and certain other courses that are equivalent to those required for an undergraduate degree in accounting at NC State.

The ASAP program is offered online and is the fastest and most flexible way to complete the necessary prerequisite courses.

Applicants may be accepted to the program prior to the completion of all seven prerequisites, but will not be admitted to 500-level courses in the fall or summer until all the prerequisites are completed.

You may submit your transcripts, GMAT score and references before the deadline. You do not need to hold all your materials in an attempt to submit them together.

No, please do not withhold your graduate school application while you wait for your recommendation letters. We collect all of your material as it is ready. Please do not delay your materials while you wait for the recommendations.

The MAC program requires a personal interview as part of the application process. Interviews may be waived in certain circumstances. More

Yes, applications will be reviewed when received. The program or Graduate School will contact you if additional information is needed. Early admission deadline is December 1. February 1 is the final deadline to be considered for fellowships and scholarships. Fast Pass to MAC – apply by February 15 and receive a decision by February 16. MAC Scholarships available to those that qualify. March 1 is the last deadline for general admissions.

You’ll receive an official letter of admission or denial along with a letter from the Dean of the Graduate School. (Please note: we will not give admission decisions over the telephone.)

You can contact the Graduate School to find out the reason for denial. The most common reasons are:

  • Undergraduate academic performance (GPA)
  • GMAT scores
  • Lack of leadership activities

Yes, but only for the following year. You will need to reapply and complete a full application. There are pieces of the application we will be able to pull (transcripts, recommendations) but we suggest you supply additional information to strengthen your chance of admission.

Contact the Graduate School Admissions Office at 919-515-2872.

Application fees are waived for all US military members. Otherwise, the fee cannot be waived. Application fees are required by the Graduate School and are not specific to the MAC Program. Once your application fee has been received and processed, you cannot receive a refund.

While it is not required for all students to take any summer classes for the MAC program, we often recommend students do so in order to lighten the course load during the fall or spring semesters.  The program requires job seekers to take summer classes. The fall semester is a heavy recruitment period requiring a lot of time from students looking for employment.  Please indicate on your graduate application that you intend to enroll for the summer if taking classes then. Click on the following links for more information: Summer tuition, MAC courses

Yes. This option requires a student to take at least two classes a semester, two in the summer, and complete the program in two years. Part-time students take the same classes as our full-time students.  MAC classes are offered two days a week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) at 1:30, 3:00 or 4:30 for on-campus students. Two MBA courses are also required for the program, and many of these are offered in the evening and in the summer.

The MAC program encourages accounting students to participate in internships with public accounting firms or corporations to enhance their educational experiences and their professional skills. However, internship experience is not required to be admitted to the MAC program.

Your Career

The Jenkins MAC program provides comprehensive career preparation and support at every stage, ensuring students are ready for professional success in accounting. You’ll have the opportunity to attend career workshops, get personalized career coaching, and participate in accounting recruiting events. We also have an accounting internship recruiting program (AIR) for undergraduates.

With a 100% job placement rate for the Class of 2023, the Jenkins MAC program has an impressive track record of launching MAC students into the next stages of their careers.

MAC for Life: Beyond Graduation

MAC program alumni are leaders in the accounting profession all over the world. As a MAC alumnus, you will gain lifelong access to career services resources, including one-on-one advising and job postings. You’ll also have many ways to stay connected — including serving as a mentor, contributing to a panel, attending an alumni event and much more.

Lifelong Learning for MAC alumni gives you access to content, networking events, and CPE to develop, adapt and lead in your career.

Let’s Talk MAC – Ways to Learn More

Find out how a Jenkins MAC degree can propel your future success. You’re welcome to reach out directly to one of our MAC team members, join us weekly for Virtual Office Hours, or complete the form below. We’ll be in touch!