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CPA Review Resources

NC State’s MAC Program partners with Becker CPA Review to provide study materials to our students. Becker has earned strong track records of student success through superior teaching, curriculum and learning tools that enable students to develop the knowledge and performance skills necessary to pass their exams.

The NC State MAC Program’s goal is to have all members of each class complete and pass all parts of the CPA exam before they start work.  To do this, we offer a recommended schedule as to when to do your review and sit for the exams.

MonthExam Section
December/JanuaryReview for BEC, schedule BEC exam
January/February Sit for BEC exam
 March Schedule Audit, FAR & REG exams
April/MayReview for Audit
MaySit for Audit exam
JuneReview for REG
Beginning of JulySit for REG
July/AugustReview for FAR
AugustSit for FAR

First-time pass rate consistently above the national average

For the 2022 calendar year the national average first-time pass rate was 52.84%. NC State students had a pass rate of 73.96%, over a 20% difference.

Students accepting offers from firms paying for CPA exam review:

When you accept an offer of employment, the firm or company may offer to pay for your CPA exam review materials.  Becker CPA Review is often the company of choice by several firms.  To help you successfully complete this review, the MAC Program has coordinated with Becker to offer live online workshops with Becker national instructors. These workshops are open to all students.

Students accepting offers from firms not paying for CPA exam review or students without a job offer:

The MAC Program covers the cost of Becker CPA Exam Review . Students will be required to sign a contract with the MAC Program and will be required to use the Becker online study materials. The live online workshops with Becker national instructors are available to all students in this category as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The program will continue to provide financial support towards CPA review materials for future classes. Full coverage is not guaranteed each year.