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Tips for Enhancing Your Qualifications

What you can do to enhance your qualifications to be a part of the AIR (Accounting Internship Recruitment) Program.

  • Do Well Academically
    Strive to make A’s and B’s in all your courses.
  • Get to Know your Professors
    Strong relationships may result in referrals and nominations.
  • Engage in Extra-Curricular Activities
    Join Poole College of Management clubs, university clubs, athletics and community organizations.
  • Take Advantage of Undergraduate Career Service Resources
    Participate in workshops, ePack, career fairs, and information sessions.
  • Gain Experience
    Apply to part-time jobs, internships and leadership conferences.
  • Demonstrate Leadership
    Participate in case competitions and other leadership building opportunities.

The MAC Program staff are dedicated to preparing you to become the best all-around candidate.

Carol Burton

Past AIR Program Participant