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Tuition and Scholarships

Paying For Your MAC

Financing your MAC degree can be achieved through a variety of resources. First, you’ll need to know what it costs.

Based on tuition rates recommended for the 2019-20 academic year, Jenkins MAC students can expect to pay approximately the tuition amounts shown in the table below. All amounts shown are minimum estimates for full program tuition and do not include books, materials costs and future tuition increases. You can find estimated annual expenses on the Student Services website.

A typical on-campus MAC student completes the program in one year, while online MAC students typically take longer to complete the degree due to full-time or part-time professional commitments.


In-State TuitionOut-of -State Tuition
Online$22,657.22 – $39,020.94**$40,582.22 – $69,891.67**
*Does not include summer session courses, additional fees may apply.
**Varies, depending on how many courses are taken per semester and/or during the summer.

Tuition Details

Full tuition information can be found on the Student Services website:

Residency Requirement

Applicants to NC State typically have their initial tuition residency status determined based on responses they provide as part of their application to the MAC program. More information about residency status may be found on the NC State Graduate School website.


MAC scholarships are merit-based and are made possible through a partnership between sponsoring CPA firms, the NC State Graduate School, alumni and the Poole College of Management’s Department of Accounting. All students who submit an application no later than February 1st are considered for a scholarship award.

Recipients of MAC scholarships are selected based on their scholarship, leadership, service, experience, presence and integrity. Scholarships range from $2,000 to $19,000.

There are also several North Carolina and national scholarships available to graduate students. More information

Scholarships Open Opportunities for Jenkins MAC Students 

67% of students in the current Jenkins on campus program received some form of scholarship. Ciante Smith and Tori Williams are two of those students and are thankful for the opportunity to attend graduate school without having to worry about finances.

Read More 

Fellowships (On-Campus)

Fellowships are awarded based on merit by the Department of Accounting and sponsoring CPA firms and companies. Thanks to the strong support CPA firms, the NC State Graduate School and NC State’s Department of Accounting is able to offer financial support to outstanding MAC candidates. A fellowship provides full tuition and also may include an offer of employment upon graduation (firm-sponsored option). Learn more

Graduate Assistantships (On-Campus)

Graduate assistants are paid to assist faculty with teaching and/or research activities. Opportunities are also available to assist with the accounting clinic, teach accounting labs and work for the MAC Program or ERM Initiative. Over 50% of the MAC class typically receives a GA position.

Positions typically range from 5 to 7.5 hours/week and provide the student with extra spending money for the semester along with great work experience. Positions are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basic after the advising session held in March.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available on a limited basis. Long-term, low-interest federal loans including the Federal Perkins Loan and Federal Stafford Loans may be obtained. For more information and application materials, visit the Office of Financial Aid ( 919.515.2421).