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CPA Exam Success

(Written by Sarah Peterson)

Thanks for checking in on my journey in the MAC Program! I am over one month into my second and final semester after a long winter break. During winter break, I focused on spending time with family and studying for the CPA exam. 

I am happy to announce that I have passed both FAR and BEC! I could not have done it without the support of my professors, family, and friends. I would be remiss not to mention my study buddy, Smokey, who helped me stay motivated.

I was fortunate to have my future employer, PwC, cover the cost of my CPA study materials. A perk of the MAC program at NC State is that they will provide CPA study materials from Becker if a student does not have access to these resources. To learn about this resource, check out this page

 While studying for the CPA exams, I have noticed that while MAC courses are not taught directly to the CPA exam, many of the concepts and skills applied during the program coursework have proved very beneficial. The knowledge gained in the courses Applied Financial Management (ACC 519) and IT Risk and Controls (ACC 540) was helpful when preparing for BEC. Each CPA exam is four hours long. When I first started studying, I did not have the mental endurance to stay focused for that long. I attribute my fall semester of the MAC program for helping me build this endurance. 

I have learned to view studying for the CPA exam as a marathon, not a sprint! 

This semester I am in Auditing (ACC 550), Advanced Commercial Law (ACC 508), Taxes and Business Strategy (MBA 525), Database Management in Tax (ACC 561), and Process Management and Documentation in Tax (ACC 564.) These courses are off to a great start. To help clear my mind and manage the stress from school, I love to go hiking with my husband. We are excited for warmer weather!


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