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Wrapping Up the Fall Semester

Written by: Jess Robinson

It’s official! Grades are in and the semester is over. I have a few weeks of downtime and recuperation, and during this season nothing could be better! While I’ll still be working my full time job I can tell the pressure has been lifted and I will fully enjoy it. 

As I’ve mentioned before, my perspective is that of an online, part time student who graduated 20 years ago. I work full time and I have a family. Here are a few things that worked for me and helped me push through the fall semester. I upped my game and took 2 classes for the spring so I will likely be coming back to this list to remind myself how to be successful. 

  • Ask for help – dinner, carpool, etc
  • Use a planner, enter assignments ahead of time and color code them – sounds like overkill but I assure you it will be helpful when planning your social life around school
  • Take time to do something NOT work related. 
  • Complete assignments early! This was huge for me and always gave me a HUGE feeling of accomplishment and relaxation.
  • Early morning is a more productive time for me – some people are the opposite but try to stick with your perfect timing. 
  • Focus on learning, the grades will come.
  • “Don’t treat a gift like a burden” – I wanted this, I chose this, I’m grateful for the ability to make it happen. 
  • Don’t depend on the day an assignment is due to work on it. Things come up especially with technology. Finishing touches are fine but not a large portion. 
  • Remember this is a stage of hustle and it will not last forever. If I am anxious about an assignment or date, remember this will be over in ____ days. 

Now it’s time to enjoy all the festive holiday activities that enrich our lives and enhance our memories and make life that much richer! Here are a few things my family and I enjoy doing over the holidays and a few new ones we’ve added. Cookie decorating, driving or walking around looking at christmas lights, christmas puzzles, games, holiday movie nights, and tamale making for the new year.  

Until January 10th… 

Happy Holidays!