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The MAC Top Five

Hello Wolfpack family!

It has been a few months since I last posted, but I am excited to be back and sharing my MAC experiences with all of you. Things are in full force here at Nelson Hall and we are getting close to midterms and spring break! I wanted to give you an update of the things I have been working on as well as some reasons why the NC State Jenkins MAC program is right for you. 

There is a lot going on for MAC students right now. We are staying incredibly busy but continually learning day-by-day. This week we had two exams including an exam for ACC 508 Advanced Commercial Law and ACC 550 Advanced Auditing. While it was a challenging week preparing for the tests, it is exciting to have two midterms completed! We have several cases and projects due next week and while it may sound challenging to stay on track, we are all continually learning and growing as students, making it all worth it.

There are several aspects that differentiate the NC State MAC program from other universities, but I will focus on the top five. These were all factors in my decision-making process which ultimately persuaded me to choose NC State. The NC State MAC program is AACSB accredited and has STEM designation. Being and maintaining the AACSB accreditation is very important to the MAC program and ensures that we are receiving a challenging and relevant education that prepares us for the business world. The STEM designation enforces continued efforts to explore ways to update the curriculum due to the ever-changing accounting field. This allows for us as students to be the best we can when entering the workforce. 

The second differentiator for the program is the career tracks and specializations. Once admitted into the program, students have the option to chose from two different tracks to meet their career goals: public accounting or business and industry. There are specializations within those tracks to focus on or concentrate in within your studies. Specializations include tax strategy, information technology, and enterprise risk management. These specializations allow for students to focus on a specific accounting topic and take their elective courses in it. 

The third differentiator is personalized career counseling. This is a huge aspect that sets NC State apart from other universities. Career services are tailored to meet students’ career goals. Students have access to recruiting events and one-on-one assistance from MAC directors and career services. We also have great relationships with our professors who have an open-door policy.  I need to point out that as of February we have reached a ninety-four percent job placement rate!

The fourth differentiator is faculty mentors. Every student in the program has a faculty mentor during their time at NC State. We are able to talk and connect with them throughout the year, leaning on them as someone to give advice and encouragement. It is refreshing and uplifting to have a mentor to talk to especially at the beginning of the year. For someone like me who did not receive their undergraduate degree at NC State, it is very helpful to have a faculty mentor. 

The fifth and final differentiator is data analytics. Because the accounting field is constantly changing due to technological advances, data analytics is crucial to learn and experience in school. The MAC program includes data analytics in almost all the classes and starts the school year with a data analytics boot camp. We are able to learn how to think critically, how to interpret data, and how to present it. This is valuable and something accounts must learn and adapt to once working in the industry. 

While I know it is hard to choose the best MAC program for you, NC State is a great option, and in my opinion the best. We are challenged yet learn more than imaginable. The CPA preparation is unmatched, and the five differentiators set us apart from other programs across the country. I could go on and on about the perks of being an NC State MAC student, but I would be writing for days! So, while it is difficult to know which program is the best suited for you, there are many reasons NC State could be the perfect fit. 

Payton Coats 

Go Pack!

To learn more about the Jenkins MAC program at NC State’s Poole College of Management, click here.