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From the Mountains to the Triangle

What’s up everyone! My name is Jon Malote, and I am part of the Jenkins MAC Class of 2021, On Campus Program. I am excited for the year ahead and look forward to sharing my experience here as part of the Wolfpack family. Here is more about me that you won’t find on my LinkedIn.

Who am I?

My family moved from the mountains of Baguio City, Philippines to the mountains of Asheville, NC, when I was seven years old. Having the opportunity to grow up in two cultures had its benefits. It was great having the flexibility to eat burgers and french fries for lunch, and later arriving home to eat sinigang and rice for dinner. In addition to the culinary benefits, the experience also gives me the perspective to appreciate the values and opportunities inherent in both my old and new environments. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy going for a bite to eat or a nice cup of coffee with friends (food is my love language), learning new songs on the guitar, and pushing myself in the gym.

My Journey to the Wolfpack!

During my time as an undergraduate student at UNC-Asheville, I had the opportunity to cultivate my comprehension and appreciation for the accounting profession. Because it was a small liberal arts college, the largest class size I had was about 21 students. This allowed me to build personal and professional relationships with both my professors and peers, and truthfully this was a key motivator in pushing me to perform well academically. Last fall, we had Jay Arrington, MAC Associate Director of Admissions,  visit our campus to recruit for the Jenkins MAC program. It started with the free NC State goodies, but after he shared more about the quality instructors and courses offered in the program, along with the small class sizes. I then knew that the Jenkins MAC program was for me. Huge thank you to Jay for introducing me to the program, and walking me through the application process! 

Adapting and Thriving! 

It would be remiss of me to not address the elephant in the room. The classroom setting has changed, and universities everywhere are having to find their new normal. That being said, we have wrapped up our second week of classes, and I am very much looking forward to the hybrid format classes crafted by our faculty. Each and every student in the program has a reason for pursuing their MAC degree, and I am encouraged seeing them pushing through the obstacles to achieve their goals. Some of the semester’s highlights thus far has been the data analytics bootcamp, and the GroupMe chat that has taken the place of our hallway conversations! 

Before I wrap up this post, I wanted to give a shout out to the CLA Raleigh office for sponsoring me as their firm fellow! I am looking forward to joining them after graduation, and would encourage job seeking students to look into them. Additionally, for my peers participating in recruitment this fall, you will do great and you’re in good hands with Kelly Hardy helping out! 

If you haven’t already, follow the official Jenkins MAC instagram to stay updated @ncstatemac. See you around, and go Pack!

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