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BECause I Need Me Time

While students may no longer be on campus, this blog post is very relevant today as students are finding themselves in a different situation and the time for self-care is even more important. For those reading, be sure to take care of yourself and continue to have that “me” time.

Hello readers,

I can’t believe there are less than three months and coincidentally two CPA exams left. That is right folks, I passed FAR, with a nice margin of safety. I took the BEC exam last week and as I said before, “I’ve passed until told otherwise”. A big thanks to the entire MAC team for their support, especially to Bruce Branson and Bonnie Hancock for agreeing to spend one on one time with me to fill in knowledge gaps. Of course, I would be negligent not to give a big thanks to Peter (Gummy Bear) Olinto, Tim Gearty & Michael Brown over at Becker for some awesome prep.

Family, work & academic obligations make time a precious commodity. During orientation, our program director, Scott Showalter, reminded us to not forget to take care of ourselves. Additionally, Dr. Nathan Goldman, who is a fantastic corporate tax instructor by the way, shared with us his advisor’s words of wisdom “Eat right, exercise and take care of yourself and family”. 

These reminders gave me the nudge to realize that my healthy habits were slipping away as work started piling up last semester. Shoot to NC State Wellness and Recreation and the picture above. That’s Katherine, an outstanding fitness instructor at NCSU. She hosts a themed cycle and sculpt class every Thursday that you could not pay me to miss. Last week’s theme was hair bands/glam rock per my request. Fifty minutes of not so gentle reminders of making the most of your time in class and “chin up buttercup” are exactly what I need to recharge my batteries. 

It seems counter intuitive that working out would add energy but for me it’s a stress relief and a time for me to do “my thing”. Katherine knows exactly how to motivate her class. I would be remiss if I did not mention powerflow with Anna G. on Tuesdays. I’m always surprised what a good stretch and a namaste will do to reset my stress meter. Finally, a nod to Maria for keeping me strong with bodypump. So, here is a big thank you to the entire wellness and recreation center (cost of which is included in the tuition by the way).

Please remember to take care of yourself readers. It’s easy to get bogged down by our daily obligations. Make sure to take some “me time”, which does not necessarily mean working out. It is whatever makes you feel better. It’s alright to step away from the work for awhile. Until next time.

Yours perspiring,


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