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Making it to Midterms

Midterms have come and gone and I can happily report that I am alive and well! Exams are always intimidating for me but being surrounded by so many encouraging and intelligent people really helped get me through it.

Something great about the Jenkins Master of Accounting Program is that everyone wants you to succeed and wants to help. I am always asking a lot of questions and can count on having classmates taking the time to explain it three different ways if needed until I get it down. It’s nice that we are all essentially taking the exact same classes because you have so many people you can form study groups with and go to for help.

 The Faculty

The professors in the MAC program truly care about the students. They are dedicated to your learning and really want you to succeed and get you excited about learning! For example, we had scheduled three midterms in one week this fall. When one of our professors realized this, she decided to move our exam up a week (which originally didn’t sound all too appealing) so that we could focus on her exam that week and the others the following week. That turned out to be pretty helpful and when midterms week came around I was glad to be done on Wednesday instead of having to study for another exam.

 Transition to NC 

October is almost over and the transition of moving to a new state and school has been pretty smooth. At first I was a worried that making friends was going to be difficult if everyone had already been at NC State together the past four years. I was so wrong! Almost half of the students in the program are from other universities!

Orientation was a good start to meeting new friends and our classes are set up to help with that as well. This semester I have a group project in every class and many of the groups were assigned. That was an automatic three or four people I got to know from working with them over the semester. And my groups have been great so far, we really work well together! We also send little reminders to each other about what’s due that day so no one misses anything, which really keeps me on track.

Work and Play

Our class does a good job with balancing work and having fun. We have a MAC lab where many of us hang out between classes. It’s a great place to go to bounce ideas off of each other or to find a study buddy. Half of the time we are all grinding to get an assignment turned in but the other half we are just eating lunch and catching up with each other.

For every home football game we have put together a little MAC tailgate where we can all come together and cheer on the Wolfpack. My little sister got to come to the most recent tailgate because her and my mum flew in to hang out with me for fall break. It was nice to have them here and to get to show them around my new city. Fall break went way too fast but it was a nice little breather before midterms.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, be sure to check back in later!



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