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MAC Student Studies Halfway Across the World in Vicenza, Italy

Located over 4,500 miles away from Raleigh, Noryari Santiago-Carpio is putting the distance in “distance education.” Santiago-Carpio, who started classes nearly two months ago, is currently enrolled in NC State’s online Master of Accounting (MAC) program. She completes her coursework on the other side of the globe in Vicenza, a city in northeast Italy.

Santiago-Carpio and her husband in Vicenza, Italy.

Formerly a member of the Coast Guard, Santiago-Carpio sought a more flexible career — she and her husband relocated to Vicenza, Italy, due to her husband’s position in the U.S. Army. So, Santiago-Carpio needed to find an online master’s program.

“I was looking for a college where I would be able to complete my pre-requisite classes for the master’s degree,” Santiago-Carpio said. “Also, the fact that NC State takes good care of veterans was great news. NC State met all of my requirements, and I heard great things about graduates from NC State.”

Upon completion of her master’s, Santiago-Carpio hopes to get her desired job of working with the IRS or as a civilian in the financial department of the Army. 

Despite the six-hour time difference between Vicenza and Raleigh, Santiago-Carpio has found the MAC program to be quite accessible and accommodating.

“The professors and the NC State staff are just an email away,” she said. “Even though I’m currently miles away and in another time zone, I know I can just send an email and they’ll get back to me quickly.”

Santiago-Carpio’s move to Italy hasn’t been all smooth sailing — her husband’s deployment delayed their move for several months, and their relocation to Vicenza overlapped with the beginning of the semester. If starting a new program at a new school wasn’t hard enough, the adjustment period to living in a vastly different environment was tough. Despite this, Santiago-Carpio’s experience with NC State so far has been straightforward.

“Like I said, professors and staff are just an email away,” Santiago-Carpio said. “They’ve helped with the situation when I’ve reached out. Having a syllabus and knowing about assignments ahead of time has helped me get organized. Also, having a calendar and organizing a weekly schedule helps a lot.”

According to Santiago-Carpio, the MAC faculty are consistently accessible and understanding of her circumstances.

“In case I have any questions or situations, they’re always willing to help,” Santiago-Carpio said. “And in case they don’t know the answer to my question, they always point me in the right direction, or they give me a contact of someone who will be able to help.”

Thanks to her busy schedule, Santiago-Carpio isn’t involved in any extracurriculars, but she’s looking forward to doing so after getting acclimated to life in Vicenza. She encourages students and working professionals to enroll in the MAC program if they’re thinking about doing so, even if it seems a bit intimidating at first.

“It gives you the opportunity to adjust your classes to your schedule,” Santiago-Carpio said. “Even though it may seem overwhelming at the beginning, it is something achievable. I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to further your knowledge if you have the chance.”

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This post was originally published in DELTA News.