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Becoming a Part of the Pack

(Written by Payton Coats)

My name is Payton Coats, and I am from Raleigh, NC. I am so excited to be sharing my journey during my time here at the Jenkins On-Campus MAC Program. I am happy to be a part of the Wolfpack and to experience everything NC State has to offer. 

Who am I

Here is just a little bit about me. I completed my undergrad at Meredith College, graduating with a degree in accounting. Accounting is a career path I had been interested in since I was in high school and stuck with throughout college. During my time at Meredith, I stayed involved around campus. I was president of the accounting association, secretary of the business networking club, advisor for freshman students, and my favorite, a member of the dance company. Dance is something I have been passionate about since I was a young girl and being able to express my love for it at Meredith gave me my best college memories. Some other things I enjoy outside of the classroom include shopping, hanging out with my friends, and watching sports (GO PACK!). 

Why I Chose the Jenkins MAC Program

Aside from being a huge NC State fan, I chose the Jenkins MAC Program because of its outstanding reputation. From the professors to the pass rates on the CPA exam, I knew this program was right for me. 

While I was in undergrad, I discovered the career path I was going to take. Realizing that this likely included receiving a master’s degree, I was very intimidated. Before this, I never thought getting a master’s was in the cards for me but talking with professors and becoming connected to NC State faculty made me feel at ease and ready to back the pack. 

Three Weeks In

I am officially three weeks into the program, and I am loving every moment of it. We began the first week with a data analytics bootcamp. This bootcamp required us to practice using databases, data visualization software, and data wrangling, all in small teams. Working in teams the first week allowed me to meet new people and dive into the program headfirst.  

The last two weeks have consisted of my regular class schedule. It has been difficult to get into the swing of things because of the fast pace, but I am learning and adapting every day. I know how challenging this program is, but I am ready to take it on with my classmates. I already recognize the great group of students within this program, and I cannot wait to see what the semester and year hold for all of us. Let the journey begin! 

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