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A Note of Thanks – NCACPA Scholarship

Guest blog post: Kritika Singhal (Jenkins On Campus MAC) recipient of a 2020-21 NCACPA Foundation Scholarship. 

I am currently enrolled in the NC State Jenkins MAC Program with a concentration in tax strategy. I intend to finish my studies in 2021. After finishing my graduate studies, I plan to join an organization in the area of tax.  This scholarship surely helped me get one step closer to reaching my education and career goals. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the help of NC State, Professor Scott Showalter and the entire team of the Jenkins MAC program.

We are halfway through our courses, and most of my classmates including myself are getting ready for the CPA exam. This financial help came at the right time.  Being an international candidate there is always a challenge to finance the cost of education and at the same time focus on my studies. Because of this scholarship, I will be able to focus more on my course work and reduce the number of hours I work per week. 

Graduate education always demands lots of time and effort but it feels great when the same is recognized and awarded. NC State is one such place, where I have always felt rewarded both in terms of education and recognition. I can shout out loud that the entire team of the Jenkins MAC program and the professors are doing a great job by striving students to do their best.

Thank you once again to the Poole College of Management for giving opportunities to students like myself and also investing in our education. I hope that one day I will also be able to help a student achieve their goals. Continuing my studies wouldn’t be easy without the generous support from scholarship sponsors like the NCACPA Foundation. Thank you for making this possible.  

Best Regards,
Kritika Singhal

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