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Sprint to Marathon

Hello readers. The last month has been a journey like no other. The program has a fall recruitment program that words cannot describe. The event places you front and center in front of dozens of firms. It began with some great resume and career counseling, along with some classes to understand the process. The first 2 weeks of September involved about 20 firms coming to NC State to present and network with small groups of students (10-15 at a time). In fact, there were times when the students
outnumbered the visitors. It was an amazing experience that sets you up for success for the application and interview process.

The school has a proprietary job site, on it the firms place job openings. If the firm decides to move forward, they come to campus for interviews. Then on the September 30th the students are called back for office visits (2nd interviews) with job offers being extended towards the end of October. I received more interviews during the process than I have received up until that point in my life. It was and continues to be an amazing process. Wish me luck in the second-round interviews!

I have not forgotten to tell the story of the lucky jeans, which I brought with me to all my interviews. Sadly, I cannot do it justice in the amount of space in this blog, so I have provided a link to it here.

What else is going on in my life other than classes, recruitment, family and work you might ask? Well the answer is meeting some truly amazing people. During orientation we were told that we would be meeting some lifelong friends and colleagues. I normally keep a small circle of friends and a large circle of acquaintances. In the few months since the program started, I have forged what I believe to be rewarding and quality friendships with the individuals in the picture at the top of this blog. They are intelligent and talented people with great charisma, a combination that is hard to find.

That is all the time we have today readers. The recruitment sprint is almost over and with it begins my marathon CPA exam studies. When next we meet, I will give you an update on it and I will tell you about the great faculty members here, especially a very busy one that has been an instrumental teacher, advisor, coach and mentor.

Thanks for reading,

Yusif Al-yemeni

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