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It’s Time to Graduate!

As I write this blog post, I can’t believe that in four days I will be a graduate of the MAC program! My time in the program has flown by and has been quite the experience. Since this is my final post, I’d like to share some highlights of my time.

My Classes

After taking ten classes, I can say that I have a well-rounded knowledge of accounting, business, and other topics such as data security and professional development. These courses taught advanced material that will give me a leg up in the professional world and allow me to succeed. Many of my classes used real-world cases, projects, and applications to ensure that everything I learned is applicable to situations and experiences that will occur in my professional future. With my career starting in less than ninety days, I feel prepared before I’ve even started.

Attending NC State

Attending the MAC program as a non-NCSU undergraduate was the best decision I could have made. I got to experience a new, larger school in a new city. Some of my classmates have become my closest friends and I have truly come to love the city of Raleigh. The closer it gets to my move to Washington, D.C., the more I realize what the people I have spent the last nine months with mean to me. We have laughed, worked, and complained together and I couldn’t have succeeded in this program without them.

Personal Growth

My time in the program was nowhere near easy. My professors challenged and pushed me to perform at a level higher than what was expected during undergraduate. Because of this, I have learned that I am capable of a caliber of work that will set me apart from others. The program has taught me both technical and soft skills that are more than useful in the real world. I have loved seeing my work and understanding improve over the past year, and I can’t thank the MAC program enough.

I am forever thankful for the MAC program and everything I have learned during my time. They have prepared me for the real world, and I am excited to begin my career (in less than 3 months!) with all of my new found knowledge. Go Pack!

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