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Application Advice

At this time a year ago, I had successfully sent in my application for the MAC program before I went 8,000 miles across the ocean for a month. Little did I know that upon my return to the States, I would be accepted into the program and become a part of the Wolfpack family. I am sure many of you are in the middle of the admissions process, so here are some tips on how to have an enjoyable process.

Apply to Multiple Programs

The program may hurt me for saying this… apply to more than one program! NC State wasn’t originally my first choice, but my undergraduate advisor encouraged me to search for numerous programs that were renowned, successful, and had classes that would assist in my growth as an auditor. After applying to NC State and being accepted into the program, I spoke to many individuals who were full of praise for the program and the school as a whole. I ended up walking the campus with my mom and fell in love with both NC State and Raleigh. I’m so glad that I was encouraged to apply to more than one place – or else I wouldn’t be here! 


Be in contact with those who are involved in your acceptance! I had extenuating circumstances that required my entrance interview be over the phone rather than in person, and I made sure to let admissions know this up front. Along with this, I communicated with the MAC Director about tuition costs and scholarships so that I would make the best decision for my future. Doing this allowed me to feel fully comfortable with my decision and showed that I was proactive. It is important to ask questions and respond promptly throughout the admissions process!

Be Involved

My biggest piece of advice is to be involved with the programs you are considering and the one you ultimately decide to accept your admission to. Attend information sessions, contact any alumni from your undergraduate school that have attended the MAC program, and go to any events they have for admitted students. An Elon alum reached out to me after hearing I had applied to the program, and his insight was extremely valuable in helping me make my decision. Sadly, I was unable to attend an event for newly admitted students in the spring, and I wish I would’ve been able to go and at least met a few of my classmates prior to starting classes. The earlier you’re involved, the quicker you make friends!

I wish you all of luck in your process for finding the perfect MAC program for you. Hopefully you’ll join the Wolfpack family this upcoming fall!

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