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Outside the Classroom

CPA Day of Service

As grad students we spend a lot of time focused on academics.  But this month, I want to share with you some of the ways I stay involved in the MAC program outside of the classroom.

Working as a TA

The spring semester is now in full swing.  While I have a whole new set of classes as a student, I am returning to the same undergrad course as a teaching assistant.  Being a graduate assistant or TA is a great opportunity for MAC students to help out in the accounting department and earn some extra cash.  Graduate assistants serve in many different roles.  Some assist a professor with research or grading papers, while others may staff the Accounting Tutorial Center.

I am a TA for a specific section of the undergraduate Introduction to Managerial Accounting course.  I attend the class meetings and assist students who need individual help.  During my office hours, students can come for tutoring.  I also assist the professor in managing attendance records, grading papers, and developing exams.

What makes being a TA so much better than just any part time job is that you get to keep your skills fresh while helping other students.  This class has given me a great review of things I’m bound to encounter on the BEC portion of the CPA exam.  It’s also great to have a job that is flexible around your schedule as a student.

Serving on the MAC Board

I also stay busy as an officer of the MAC student board.  I ran for secretary during orientation because I enjoy writing and wanted to find a way to get to know my classmates better.  The board also includes a president, vice president, treasurer, social chair, and service chair.  My primary responsibility as secretary is communicating information to the class, marketing events the board creates, and organizing things like sign-ups and surveys.  However, everyone on the board has a hand in all aspects.

One of the events we organized that I am most proud of was for our CPA Day of Service.  MAC students volunteered at the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.  We accepted donations from the community, packed boxes, and loaded trucks.  In one day, we managed to sort and organize almost 9,000 pounds of food!  Much of this food went to help people in my hometown of Wilmington, NC who were affected by hurricanes.

I highly recommend future MAC students run to serve on the board.  Not only do you have a hand in helping your classmates and community, but it is a leadership and volunteering experience to discuss with employers during recruiting.

More Fun to Come

The board has a lot on its plate for this semester as well.  We are planning another service event, fundraising for scholarships for next year’s class, and helping put together the program’s 25th anniversary celebration!  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the excitement in future blogs!

Matt Ray

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