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Semester Highlights

How fast time goes never ceases to amaze me. Somehow I blinked and an entire semester of the MAC program is just about done!  For the end of the semester, I’ll be presenting on the CVS/Aetna acquisition, a local company’s internal controls, drug cartel accounting, and the Williamsburg Foundation. After that, only a semester will be standing in the way of the end!

The last four months have truly been a roller coaster ride. So many memories, assignments, and exams have filled the recent months and I couldn’t be more thankful. Here are a few highlights from my semester:

IT Practicum

In our IT Risks and Controls class, we complete an IT practicum on a company of our choosing. My group chose Raleigh Brewing Company, North Carolina’s first female owned craft brewery (the owner also studied accounting in undergrad!). We were able to meet their finance director and learn more about their internal controls over the production process and offer recommendations for improvement. These recommendations will be presented to both RBC and our class! My group has been so much fun to work with and we really loved completing the project together.


On the last Tuesday of classes before Fall Break, the MAC program got together for a Friendsgiving! There was an abundance of food – everyone bringing a dish provided more than enough and allowed people to show off their baking and cooking skills. It was a great time to decompress, mingle, and laugh together. Being as full as we were before class may not have led us to being as productive as we should have been that afternoon, but we definitely had a great time.

Football Games

As someone who went to a really small non-football school, NC State has offered a whole new meaning of “game day”. The MAC program always hosts a tailgate, which allows all of us to hangout outside of the classroom and talk about something other than assignments and projects. I’ve loved being able to spend time with the group while doing things not related to accounting. They’ve made game day more fun!

This semester has made me excited for the remainder of the program, assignments and all. I am positive next semester will offer just as many great memories as this one has!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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