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Feeling Thankful

It’s no secret the MAC program is challenging.  Between recruiting, exams, presentations, and CPA prep, it can get stressful.  Last Tuesday, we took a break to be thankful for what gets us through those stressful times: each other!

Thankful for MAC Friends

Tuesday we had the annual Friendsgiving potluck lunch.  It’s a MAC program tradition.  We all bring a dish, forget about deadlines, and spend some time together.  When you work with people this closely, you really do start to feel like a family.  I know I could not get through the program without the help of the friends I have made.

I’m a MAC Organization officer, so I was part of the planning and preparation of the event.  Even though being on the board is an extra commitment, days like these make it really worthwhile.  I’ll tell you more about the work the board does in a future post.

Thankful for the Recruiting Process

Speaking of being thankful, many of us are very grateful to be wrapping up recruiting.  When I last posted, I had just finished on-campus interviews.  Even after Meet the Firms, socials, and multiple interviews, there is still one last step: the office interview.

At this point in the process, we’ve gone from the 20+ firms we got to meet, down to just a handful.  Throughout the process, I tried to stay open-minded, so I had office interviews with both regional and Big 4 firms.  At this point in the process, the firms have determined that you have the required technical qualifications.  Now, managers want to get to know you on a more personal level.

Thankful for our Accounting Employers

Some elements of the interviews were the same across different firms.  I met with higher-level managers and partners, took a tour of the office, and got to know my potential coworkers.  Some things differed among firms.  One had a formal dinner the night before, one had a more casual afternoon social, and another took candidates bowling!

Something that did not come up much was technical accounting talk.  At the end of the day, all the firms do very similar work.  What sets them apart is their people and firm culture.  This round of interviews gave us a great opportunity to see what it would really be like to work for each.

And that’s the whole process!  After office interviews, the firms send out offer letters to the candidates.  If you have more interviews scheduled, or are considering other offers, firms will respect that and wait for your decision.  They are also happy to answer additional questions and some even invited me to coffee after the offer.  It made me feel like I was able to lay out all my options and make a decision that was best for me without any pressure.  I think that’s what makes the MAC recruiting process so unique and great.

I’m happy to say I have accepted an offer with a Big 4 firm in Raleigh and will start next year!

I can’t believe the MAC program is almost halfway over! Now that recruiting is out of the way for me, more of my time will be filled with CPA review.  More on that next semester.  Until then, happy holidays!

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