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Back to School

Hi, I’m Matt! I’m a student getting started in the NC State MAC Program class of 2019.  I’m excited to share my experiences with you over the course of the next nine months as I go through the program.

About Me

I’m originally from Wilmington, NC and went to UNCW for my undergrad accounting degree.  I’m coming back to school after a few years away.  Most recently, I worked with a local accounting firm that works with small businesses.  Helping equip business owners with the information they need to make important decisions is something I really enjoy.  I decided the best step for my career was to pursue my master’s degree and CPA license. After learning more about the caliber of the faculty and the employer connections, the decision to apply to NC State was an easy one.

Off to the Races

We’re less than a month into the fall semester, and I already feel like I’ve learned so much.  I took classes during the summer, which I highly recommend.  It makes the regular semester a little more manageable.  This is good because there is no shortage of things to get done.

I knew the program would provide me with plenty of technical accounting knowledge.  What I didn’t expect is how much personal and professional development training we would receive.  During orientation, we had several speakers give us tips on how to be more comfortable giving presentations and how to find our strengths and use them to our advantage.  We also have a weekly class where experts speak to us on topics ranging from dealing with stress to organizational skills.  This will be invaluable as we begin the recruiting process. I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.

Stay Tuned!

Throughout the program, I’ll be blogging about my experiences as a student and graduate teaching assistant.  I’ll also let you know what it’s like to go through the career recruiting process, studying for the CPA exam, and also some of the fun our class has along the way!

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