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Essentials to Successful CPA Review

Essentials to Successful CPA Review

Let this blog serve as your ingredient list to a successful, unwavering CPA review. NC State Jenkins MAC program, coffee, change of scenery, and personal incentives are each essential to ensuring your CPA review goes smoothly.


The first and most important ingredient for successful CPA review is NC State MAC program classes. Courses contain CPA exam topics and real world knowledge to help prepare you for your career. It doesn’t get much better than that! The program has a recommended schedule for taking each part of the CPA exam and it’s built around the classes you are required to take each semester. You get to take MAC program classes and get CPA review at the same time, making review for the daunting exam almost effortless.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Coffee is the answer the world’s problems, especially studying for the CPA exam. A dose, or three, will help you remain focused, motivated, and energized enough to get you through long days filled with Becker modules. Another trick I’ve learned is to switch up the flavor of coffee each day of studying. By switching flavors, you avoid a routine and leave less room for comfort and complacency and more room for alertness and focus.

Change it Up!

Studying for the CPA isn’t necessarily what I’d call a party; therefore, you’ve got to make it exciting in any way possible. My recommendation for this is to change the location in which you study. Whether it’s your favorite coffee shop, kitchen table, or local library, a different setting can help keep you motivated to study day in and day out.

Incentivize Yourself

Last but certainly not least, give yourself incentives that’ll get you through studying for the CPA. For example, tell yourself you can’t spend time with friends or reading your favorite book until you have finished a certain number of Becker modules. My favorite incentive is an indulgent dessert. Treat yourself to that chocolate chip cookie or that pint of Halo Top ice cream, but only after you’ve completed an entire section of Becker.

Good luck!


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