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MAC Class of 2018 Ready, Set, Go!

AndrewHello! My name is Andrew and I’m a student in the MAC Program, class of 2018. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences throughout the year at NC State. But first, a little bit about myself.

About Me

I live in Durham, NC and most recently worked at a nearby professional membership association for the past six years as a producer of continuing education courses. After building skills in project management, leadership, and program development, I knew I wanted to go back to school and become part of the CPA profession.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy running in local half marathons, watching NC State sports, and volunteering with nearby non-profits. I like to stay busy and you’re more likely to find me out and about – I’m not much of a homebody. So far, the MAC program has given me all of the excitement I bargained for and more!

Why I Chose The MAC Program?

As a non-traditional student who had already experienced some of the working world, I wanted to make sure I was choosing a program that prepared me for both the CPA Exam and for a career in auditing. NC State encourages students to take parts of the CPA Exam while a student, and most students are able to finish taking all four parts of the exam before starting a job in the fall. I also noticed the deep connections that the MAC Program has with area public accounting firms of all sizes and wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to “meet the firms” (more to come on that!) to figure out what type of firm I wanted to begin my career in accounting with.

What’s Next?

Throughout the year, I’ll be blogging about the recruiting process, being a graduate teaching assistant, and my involvement with the MAC Executive Board as the Service Chair. My classmates Taylor and Sheldon will also be sharing their experiences. Stay tuned!