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The Recruiting Process

Author: Michael

The Recruiting Process

As we progress through the semester with exams, projects, presentations, and corporate tax returns, students who don’t yet have a job offer are going through recruiting. The process is vital to reach one goal of the program: graduate and start a career. It has been an enjoyable and a great experience in helping to “break through” that professional barrier. For future students of the Jenkins MAC Program who may be required to go through this process, don’t fear! It is nothing you can’t handle and with a job placement rate of 95-100% three months after graduation, there is no need to worry about life after the program.

Recruiting can be summarized into a chronological three step process I have listed below:

  1. Meet The Firms
    In my opinion, this is the most important step in recruiting. Four nights over the course of a 2-week period, students gather in groups and listen to firms as large as Deloitte and EY to medium sized firms such as DHG and CLA all the way down to your smaller, local firms like Blackman & Sloop and Langdon & Co. I know a lot of students think the Big 4 firms are the only way to go but through this process, students get to see the culture and lifestyles of the way other firms work. As you visit from firm to firm you really get an eye for how these organizations operate and how they may play into the goals of your own professional life (not to mention free stuff, lots of free stuff!). The leaders of our program have done an excellent job in implementing a variety of different firms from multiple locations and offices in order for the current job seekers to get a taste of a variety of firms, sizes, and work-life balances.
  2. On-Campus Interviews
    After completion of Meet the Firms, we apply on E-Pack for interviews with whichever firms we felt most comfortable with, had a gut feeling about, or just simply liked while at Meet The Firms. If you’ve never had an interview or are just uncomfortable in that kind of one on one situation, again, do not worry, the program prepares you to face these challenges head on. We had speakers come and give the class advice on interviewing techniques and how to act professionally. We also had mock interviews where you are interviewed and then provided immediate feedback from professionals. Once you have been accepted to interview with a particular firm, you will find that the interview is more of a conversation and that the program has prepared you further than you ever thought possible!
  3. Office Visits
    I am currently going through this step of the process. If you are selected to move on to this stage, you will be contacted by someone at that firm extending you an office visit to the location you have referenced during your on-campus interview. Locations of office visits can involve traveling if you are looking to work outside of Raleigh. I had an office visit in Charlotte last week and it was actually quite fun. Though these interviews are the “real” interviews that allow you to get an actual job offer, you will find that they are sometimes just as, if not more, relaxed than your on-campus interviews. Jenkins MAC Program alumni are scattered across many different firms and locations, a lot of the time you will have someone to relate to during your visit.

In summary, the recruiting process provides a once in a life-time opportunity to experience a variety of firms, lifestyles, and cultures and evaluate which ones may be the right fit for your work style and personality. I learned that the world of accounting careers is much more expansive than I had once imagined.

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