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Taking the Next Step

Author: Kaitlyn

Taking the Next Step

Most of you have probably started your last semester of your undergraduate degree and are working on the final steps of getting accepted into graduate school. You may be polishing your application, taking the GMAT, or preparing for graduate school interviews. I know this time is busy, exciting, and stressful all together. This blog will focus on what I think you should do and not do for the next few weeks.

Don’t stress about the GMAT: Your score on the GMAT is not the only reflection of your intelligence. Everyone is nervous when they take it the first time. I prepared with a GMAT study prep book and was still unsatisfied with my first score. I ran out of time and could not focus. The second time I took it, I was confident and a completely different test-taker. Taking the test a second time showed that I was determined and dedicated. Study hard and reach your goal score!

Do make your application the best it can be. Remember that this is the first impression the admission committee will have of you as a potential candidate. Reread everything you write and make your answers perfect. Skimping on the application will be something you regret later. Set aside some time from schoolwork to really focus on it!

Do research graduate school interview questions. The interviewers want to interview a confident student and preparation can help with that. Know what a behavioral question is and how you can respond appropriately. Most importantly, be excited and happy to be there! Show your interest in their program and your eagerness to learn and be challenged. Lastly, make sure you also interview them. Bring your specific questions about the program. The answers to those questions will help you decide which school is the right one for you.

I wish you all the best of luck during this exciting time in your lives! If you have any specific questions, I will be happy to offer my advice to you.

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