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Tips for Dressing for Success: From Our Friends at Brooks Brothers

Author: Kaitlyn

Tips for Dressing for Success: From Our Friends at Brooks Brothers

Recently Brooks Brothers visited NC State to discuss how to dress professionally. A little reminder about Brooks Brothers: this is the company that created the non-iron shirts and introduced the button-down collar to America. Needless to say, the company has proved they know how to make a professional fashion statement.

Following are key points from their dress for success tips – for interviews and for business casual wear. Warning, men; the tips focus mainly on women because we have so many options!

8 Tips for Dressing for an Interview

  1. The basic black suit is a necessity. This can be a skirt or pants with a jacket (preferably both since this allows you to mix it up if you have two separate interviews with one firm!)
  2. Always wear a jacket to an interview, whether you’re a female or male. It lets the interviewer know you are serious about the job. Wool is the best material since it limits overheating; try to avoid polyester and linen if you are trying to stay cool.
  3. Do not wear a bright or bold shirt under the jacket. You do not want the interviewer to even notice your outfit. A white or pastel color will look professional and go unnoticed. So, just leave the hot pink at home for the day.
  4. If you wear a skirt, make sure it goes no further up than the middle of your knee and that it is not too form fitting. Again, you do not want the interviewer to remember your skirt was too short or tight and not remember your excellent interview responses!
  5. Panty hose are a must for the interview. Skin color is preferable.
  6. Heel height needs to range from 1-3 inches. No peep toe shoes, but wedges and sling backs are acceptable. Make sure you can be comfortable in them all day because office visits usually have 3 interviews plus a lunch.
  7. Carry a portfolio, but try to take one that can hold your keys. If you must carry a purse, that is acceptable but keep it small.
  8. Last tip: When it comes to jewelry, make-up, perfume, and other accessories, less is more.

Remember these tips on how to dress for an interview, and interviewers will remember you for all right reasons!

A Few Pointers for Business Casual Attire

I know business casual can be subjective and confusing at times so here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Avoid your typical ‘Capri’ pant material (mostly cotton and usually part spandex); select from material more like your interview pants (wool or polyester).
  • You can pair a nice sweater or cardigan with a pencil skirt. Always a favorite!
  • Do not wear see-through shirts or any shirt that shows straps from undergarments, even if you are wearing a camisole.
  • If you are faced with a difficult decision, just remember: If you question your outfit at all, it probably is not acceptable.

I hope these tips are helpful! If you have an interview coming up and have specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask! I’ve been on lots of interviews, so I would be more than happy to help clear up any uncertainties you may have!

Photo Credit: MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・)

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