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Why NC State and the MAC program Are So Great

Author: Elizabeth

With the new semester starting up and many graduate applications due right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about why NC State, its Poole College of Management and Jenkins MAC program are great. Especially for those trying to evaluate different graduate programs, I wanted to provide the top five reasons why I love NC State, Poole College and the Jenkins MAC program (academic and social sides).

NC State University

Athletics Department

If you are like me, athletic events provide my entertainment most weekends. Football games, basketball games, baseball games: you name it, I am probably there. NC State has a strong athletics program and most Jenkins MAC students get together and go to football and basketball games together. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, athletics provides a great social scene to just hang out away from the classroom.

Strong Sense of Diversity

Anyone walking around campus can easily tell the magnitude of diversity at NC State. This diversity provides a great resource for anyone trying to get involved. There are student organizations and activities for almost any type of interest – over 400 organizations! Here are some unique, fun, and interesting ones: Bow Tie Club, Underwater Robots Club, Geocaching Club, Clown Nose Club, Cooking Club, and Solar Club, to name a few!

Home of the Krispy Kreme Challenge

2400 calories, 12 donuts, 5 miles, 1 hour….enough said. The Krispy Kreme Challenge was started in 2004 as a simple dare. It has now grown into a 6,000 person plus fundraising event, with the money earned being donated to the NC Children’s House. I ran (OK, I will be honest, walked!) the Krispy Kreme Challenge last year and loved it! Though, I only was able to eat two donuts….but maybe you can do better!

Largest University in NC

NC State is the largest university in North Carolina and definitely holds up to its reputation. Though it is a large university, I have never felt that my education was ever compromised because of the size. In fact, most of my classes were less than 30 people and I felt that I got the best quality education. Though it is a large university, it offers a high quality education with affordable tuition.


NC State is deeply rooted in tradition. From staying after the game for the Alma Mater, to painting the free expression tunnel red, to participating in “Wear Red, Get Fed,” NC State strives to keep school tradition and pride in all students’ lives.

Jenkins Masters of Accounting (MAC)

5. Job Placement Rate

Our Jenkins MAC program has a job placement rate in the upper 90’s! Students who don’t have a job before entering the program take a one-hour Career and Managerial Effectiveness class in the fall that prepares them for the recruitment process (students that have jobs take the same class with a focus on financial literacy). Students are guided and given all the career resources possible to be successful during recruitment. The class offers resume critiques, mock interviews, dress seminars, and all preparation resources and tools. For every student, the ultimate end goal is getting a job, and the Jenkins MAC program really helps you to achieve it.

4. CPA Assistance

The MAC program provides the best resources possible to help with passing the CPA. This year, the program was able to cover the cost of Becker or Bisk review course materials for students not working for a company that paid for the materials. Becker classes for each of the four tests are held on or near campus. I am utilizing the resources right now and I don’t know what I would have done without the program’s help. Since my company does not pay for my review resources, the Jenkins MAC program paid for my Becker materials. In addition, for the first test (BEC) which I just took, I was able to sit in live sessions with many of my classmates for a week, where an instructor went through the material. I will get these live sessions before every section! I know that when I pass my tests it will be as a result of my hard work, along with the huge help of the MAC program.

3. MAC Organization

Student leaders in the Jenkins MAC program lead the MAC organization, which organizes social and service events throughout the year. This is a great outlet for getting away from classes and to just have fun! The MAC organization has planned tailgates, Habitat work, and nights to go out and relax. I not only take classes with my fellow MAC students, but I also enjoy hanging out with everyone outside of the classroom.

Study Abroad and Other Opportunities

The MAC program offers a summer study abroad trip to Prague and to Lille, France (brand new this year!). These studies abroad provide an excellent opportunity to get to know another culture and way of living, while also completing course work over the summer in a fun setting. The MAC program provides other opportunities, like the Enterprise Risk Management practicum that I am in this semester. For this practicum, I get three hours of credit while working with a company to help implement an Enterprise Risk Management system. It is a great opportunity for me to get hands on experience and see how our coursework is integrated into “real life.”

I believe the best thing about the MAC program is the professors. The program has many recognized professors with relevant work experience. For example, we are taught by professors with prestigious experience, including COSO board member, national Big Four partner, and service on boards of directors of various companies, CPE instructors, and the list could go on. Here is a list of some of our faculty profiles. All the professors transfer their work backgrounds to what they teach. They have made my learning experience in the MAC program more relevant and meaningful and have made my experience here the best it could be.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions and I would love to answer them!

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