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Preparing for Recruitment

Author: Kylee

Preparing for Recruitment

What is Recruitment?

From day one, MAC students start to hear about recruitment. This term really describes the job seeking process for a career in accounting. What is unique about this experience, compared to many other job seeking processes, is we have many opportunities to meet with representatives from the firms to learn about their culture and service lines. Finding the best fit for our careers is extremely important, and the career services department has put a lot of work into this recruitment process to give MAC Students as much information as possible.

The first leg of this phase starts with “Meet the Firms,” where different firms come out, over four nights, so we can learn more about them, while they learn about us. We also have the opportunity to submit our resumes to the firms, through the online ePack system, which puts us in the running to be selected for a campus interview. The interviews take place throughout September. After that phase, you may be invited to an office visit, after which, you wait to see if you are extended an offer!

Resume Preparations

Trying to describe oneself on a single piece of paper, in a logical and professional format, is not an easy task. Luckily, the career services department does a lot of work to ensure that MAC students have access to plenty of advice for resume writing. Right after our orientation day, I set up a meeting to have my resume reviewed. I received some great tips on rewording certain phrases, and it is always comforting to have a second set of eyes edit the document so that professionals do not see any simple grammar or spelling mistakes.

After making changes, I was able to upload this document on the ePack system and began sorting through the job opportunities. Also, I made sure to invest in some nice paper and print out plenty of copies to hand out during Meet the Firms.

Dressing for Success

One class MAC students must take is ACC 600 – Managerial and Career Effectiveness. This week, a representative from Brooks Brothers came to give us examples of appropriate business wear, from business professional to the many definitions of business casual. The men and women were divided into two different rooms so that all the information was extremely relevant.

Some Key points from Dress For Success:

  • There are a lot of different business clothes out there, but conservative items like collared button downs and a classic black suit can never go wrong, it gives off a very professional look.
  • If you are ever confused by what someone implies by business casual, it is always better to veer on the side of more professional, than less.

After this class, I went back to my own wardrobe and tried on quite a few of my outfits to test them against the rules I learned. One of the most important things that we heard several times was simply to be prepared with your outfits. That next morning, I took a few items to the dry cleaner to make sure that everything would be perfect in time for next week!

What’s Next?

The next time I blog, I will have been through more of recruiting and will keep you up to date about what I learn along the way. Feel free to ask me any questions by leaving a comment here or asking on Twitter.

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