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Meet Kylee!

Author: Kylee

Meet Kylee!

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Kylee Phillips, and I am just starting the NC State Master of Accounting program. I am originally from Greenville, North Carolina, which is only about an hour and a half away from Raleigh. When I’m not busy with school work, I love horseback riding, running, and attending NCSU sporting events. I am very excited about blogging this semester, and I cannot wait to share my stories from this year!

Why NC State?

I love the wolfpack. Spending my four undergraduate years here only strengthened that school pride. The “Red and White for Life” motto that the Alumni Association uses definitely holds true in my case.

Throughout my undergraduate experience, the MAC program was extremely visible and accessible at many events targeted to accounting students such as Beta Alpha Psi meetings and Dean’s List receptions. The professors in the program were well known for their wealth of knowledge, and the students had a reputation for success in the work force (and on the CPA exam!). All of these things (along with the added bonus of more student tickets for football and basketball!) made my decision to attend NC State for one more year a clear choice.

Beginning of the Year Thoughts

I cannot believe that this year is already starting; it feels like I just graduated and the summer flew by so quickly. I know that this year will be busy, but it will also be very rewarding in the end. I am excited about meeting all of the new students in my classes and getting to know the professors even better. I realize that this semester will be heavily focused on group work, which will be a great way to get to know everyone. I am also excited about the recruitment process since the career services department for the MAC program does so much to prepare us for the work force.

What Will I Be Blogging About?

This semester, I will be going through the job recruiting process, and I hope to use this blog to keep you informed of what goes on behind the scenes. I am here to answer any questions you may have about what the job search is truly like and how the MAC program prepares you for the experience.

Feel free to leave a comment below, ask a question, and follow my updates on twitter!