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Reflections…Our Final Blog Post

Author: Brittany

Reflections...Our Final Blog Post

Hey folks! Well, we cannot believe we are saying this, but our year in the NCSU MAC Program has come to an end and it’s a bittersweet feeling. We are both so thankful to have been given the chance to meet such nice and talented people while being in the program, but sad to not be around all of them as often. Even though the program was only a year long, we feel like we have absorbed an enormous amount of knowledge about accounting, but that was the whole idea right?

The MAC program has definitely guided us in the right direction! Although we have been fretting all year about taking the CPA exams, we’ve really been put in the best possible position to study and pass all the parts! So many of us have found jobs through this program and have been networking with employers all year. We don’t know if we would have found the right jobs if it weren’t for the supportive MAC staff and their recruiting events! We will all miss this program but we are all excited about the opportunity we have been given to start long term and successful careers as accountants.

We had a blast throughout the year and sincerely hope that our blog posts helped you gain a better feel for what to expect while going through the program. Even though we won’t be here to answer your questions anymore, the staff and faculty of the MAC Program have always been very helpful and supportive, and they all will do the same for you! Good luck and best wishes to you all!

Brittany & Cori

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