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MAC Student Social Life

Author: Cori

MAC Student Social Life

MAC students stay involved in a lot of social activities! We spend a lot of time together daily due to a large variety of group projects and meetings. MAC students form strong relationships with their group members and classmates and enjoy spending time together inside and outside of the MAC Lab.

Our MAC social chair, Kristen Draughn, along with the help of other MAC students, organizes most of the social events. Kristen says, “the variety of social events this semester have given students the opportunity to get excited about the program and the relationships they are forming. It’s nice to kickback outside of school but still be around friends who are in the same boat as you.”

Events in the MAC lab

Students spend each day in the MAC lab studying and talking with fellow students. Once a month, students and faculty will volunteer to make baked goods to celebrate the birthdays of the month. We call it “cake day” and are always excited for the next one! It’s a chance for all of us to get together before classes begin for the day and enjoy some treats!

MAC Students at the MAC Lab

Recurring Events

We also hold events outside school. We have occasional bowling events. Students sign up in teams and play to win! In these events, a female and male winner is announced. The students play two games and enjoy socializing together in a relaxed atmosphere where they can relieve some stress. We also organize tailgates for some of the football games so that classmates can have a chance to show some Wolfpack pride and spend time together before a game.

Me and Mr. Wolf

MAC Social Events

We also hold several social events on the weekends. We all dressed up for our MAC Halloween costume party at the Busy Bee. We had food catered and participated in a costume contest! It was a lot of fun to see how creative our classmates are in choosing costumes! Our costume winners included a green man costume, a taco, a deviled egg, and a racquetball player!

Our last event was a Thanksgiving MAC dinner hosted by Kristen. We all gathered to give thanks and celebrate with good food! Everyone brought a dish of their choice and dressed up as a pilgrim or an Indian for the event. We all got to share food from our families’ recipes and celebrate the holiday together before going home (I made my mom’s pineapple cheese casserole). We had stuffing, pumpkin pie, turkey, casseroles, biscuits, an NCSU football cake, and all the Thanksgiving essentials!

Thanksgiving Dinner


MAC students also volunteer their time to participate in community projects. In the last project, a group of MAC students planted over 3,800 flowers in Pullen Park. They got together in the morning and ate pizza and worked together to get as many flowers planted in the park as possible. These flowers really bring a lot of life to the park and it’s a beautiful part of campus.

MAC students planted over 3,800 flowers in Pullen Park, Raleigh North Carolina

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