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MAC Students’ Perspectives for Prospective MAC Students

Author: Brittany

MAC Students' Perspectives for Prospective MAC Students

In my last blog post I wrote about being interviewed, but for this post I am switching roles and I am the interviewer. I’m interviewing a few students from the MAC class of 2010, to help provide a broad perspective of what it is like to be in the MAC program. Let the interviews begin!

Q: Does the MAC program have any social activities?

Student Interview

“The MAC program has socials every couple of weeks to get the students involved. So far, we have organized MAC class tailgates for football games, bowling, Halloween Party, and just recently we had a Thanksgiving pot luck! We are currently working on a holiday party before winter break. I, as the social chair, am open to ideas and often take suggestions from other MAC students. We have had really awesome turnouts at all of our events and are looking forward to future social activities!”-Kristen Draughn

Q: Describe your job search experience while in the MAC program?

Student Interview

A: “I think the best word to describe my job search experience would be long. NC State does a great job of preparing its students for the process and supplying the necessary tools. I recently completed my search and have received a great job. I think you meet a lot of different people going through the process, and I feel like the recruiters were extremely invested in my ultimate success.”-Julianne Bower

Q: What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed between undergraduate and graduate school?

Student Interview

A: “In my experience there are three principle differences between the undergraduate and graduate accounting programs.

1. The MAC classes seem to look at accounting material from a macro-perspective compared to undergraduate accounting classes that were more technical in nature. MAC classes analyze, explain, and evaluate the implications of those same concepts across the broader financial statements, the entity-level, the industry, etc.

2. The MAC program instills the adequate development of organizational skills and team work. So much of the program is working with others. By doing this you learn how to effectively manage relationships, which will serve as an asset on the job.

3. The relationships with professors evolve. Each teacher comes to know every single student in the program. This makes reaching out to teachers more personal and effective. Additionally, the faculty is generally available and tries to maintain an open door policy.” –Charles Rasmussen

Q: What is your favorite class, so far, in the MAC program?

Student Interview

A: “Accounting 525 (Advanced Managerial Accounting) has been my favorite class in the MAC Program so far. The material is tough for me because managerial accounting is not a strength of mine. Although this is true, I enjoy the “thrill” of the class. Professor Giles keeps you on edge and you never know when you will be quizzed about your knowledge on the topic that you are going over at the time. I also enjoy what I call “story time”. Professor Giles has a story for just about any situation. His ability to tell stories helps to bring the material into perspective and seem relevant.” –Alonzo Horne

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to an incoming MAC student, what would it be?

Student Interview

A: “Really throw yourself into it, work hard, because it will all pay off in the future. It may be difficult to do given that you just graduated and are most likely tired of school, but this is probably the last time you will be in school and it is a huge determinant in your future. Take advantage of being part of a great program and getting ready to enter a respectable and fun profession that has so many opportunities!” –John Pearce

Q: What has been your favorite experience so far in the MAC program?

Student Interview

A: “I have a couple of favorite experiences: My first favorite experience in the MAC program was the trip to Prague where I had the opportunity to study abroad with other MAC students. I highly recommend this trip to current and future MAC students! I also have enjoyed making new friends and having the opportunity to organize the MAC volleyball intramural team. Our team, the Hot Assets, ended the season in second place with a 3-1 record!” -Viony Medero

Hopefully sharing the perspectives of my fellow MAC students with you has helped you gain a better feel for what being in the NCSU MAC Program is like. I honestly cannot believe how fast this semester is going and have been enjoying the program so much! Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks, because I will have another blog posting for you!

P.S. If you have any questions you would like to ask current MAC students, leave them in the comments and the next time I do a Q&A session, I’ll ask your questions.

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