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Meet the Firms: A Different Perspective

Author: Cori

Meet the Firms: A Different Perspective

On the third night of Meet the Firms, I had the privilege to join the firm I will be working with next fall. I was able to help by introducing firm members to MAC students and potential interns. I remember my own experience attending socials and going to interviews last year. I definitely enjoyed the process and loved meeting all the different firm members. However, I enjoyed being on the other side of recruiting even more.

Providing Help to Recruiters and Classmates

Throughout the night I encouraged my classmates to ask questions and converse with firm members. I use the knowledge learned from my own internship experience to answer some of the questions classmates asked about firm policies and the work environment.

I also referred students to firm members who could better answer questions regarding a specific subject area of accounting. Helping recruiters and classmates made me feel like I was already a part of the firm.

Advice for Recruits

Being on the other side of recruiting, I was able to see what impressed the firms.
Firms thrive on their people and they select students who best fit in with their culture and environment. Employee happiness and relationships are some of the main contributors to the success of firms.

As recruits it’s important to remember that firms want to get to know you. Be honest and let them see your personality. If you find that you click well with a firm, do not be afraid to give them your resume and ask for a business card. Firms like to know that you are interested in them as well.

As always, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions shows the firms you’re interested and gets their attention. Asking questions also allows you the chance to gather more information needed to make your decision, if the firm is a right fit for you.

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