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Here’s an Update on my ACC 533 Research Course

Author: Cori

Here's an Update on my ACC 533 Research Course

Introduction to ACC 533 Research

Hello again! We’ve been in classes a few weeks and have been going through the introduction portion of ACC 533. We’ve been talking about the research process and effective writing techniques to prepare us for the research projects and cases we will be assigned during the semester.

The class will explore research in various areas of accounting, including financial, tax, audit, and ethics in accounting practices. For each area, we will have one group and one individual research case to complete.

Why ACC 533 is important training for MAC Students

The purpose of this class is to prepare us for real life assignments we will have as professional accountants. Whichever area we decide to work in, tax, assurance or audit, we will all be exposed to questions and several situations that will require research. This class should provide us with a good introduction to the research process in accounting and the legal tools that are used to conduct research in the different areas of accounting.

After this semester we hope to better understand the challenges of the professional accounting environment, be able to solve real world accounting problems, and communicate our solutions to others.

What we’ve done so far…

In the first few weeks, we have completed an individual and group case in which we identified the accounting issue associated with the case and the elements of reasoning involved in the research process. I think we are starting to get the hang of identifying all the steps in the research process. I hope this makes it easier for us when we actually start researching! We will start the financial accounting research section of the class on Tuesday.

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