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Meet the Firms Part 1: I’m Preparing for Meet the Firms

Author: Brittany

Meet the Firms Part 1: I'm Preparing for Meet the Firms

Resume Critiquing with MAC Faculty & Staff

The first step I made towards preparing for my job search was to have my resume reviewed by two MAC faculty members. After meeting them I was given insightful feedback and able to make some great changes to my resume. I was very surprised at how helpful it really is to have multiple professionals look at my resume and catch things that I would have otherwise overlooked.

Applying for Jobs

After I had my resume reviewed I made the final touches to my resume. Once I thought everything looked polished on my resume, I logged onto epack, NCSU’s very own job board, and applied to all of the tax accounting jobs I saw.

Dress for Success Workshop

In addition to the NCSU MAC Program providing a resume review, in our ACC 600 class we had past accounting firm recruiters advise jobseekers on what to wear to interviews. One interesting thing I learned was men should not wear black suits during the daylight hours. In addition, I learned that it is okay for women wearing skirts to not wear stockings or hose.

Mock Interview

Next Tuesday, September 8, I will be participating in a mock interview. The MAC program is bringing in additional accounting firm recruiters to conduct a mock interview and then to provide us with feedback for our upcoming interview process. I will let you know how it goes next time!

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