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A Day in the Life of a MAC Student: Cori

Author: Cori

A Day in the Life of a MAC Student: Cori

A Little Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Cori and I am going to be blogging about certain aspects of the MAC program. More specifically, I will be writing about my ACC 533 research class, my ACC 600 project, and other experiences in my new NC State Jenkins MAC life.

Entering the MAC Program

I am new to the Raleigh area and new to NC State but I love everything I’ve seen so far, especially in the Jenkins MAC program and my new classmates! We have only been in classes a couple of weeks but we have already begun working in groups in each class and engaging in several MAC activities!

ACC 533 Class and other MAC Activities

We’ve started ACC 533 class a few weeks ago and have been working on the research process. Throughout the semester, we will be conducting research and solving problems individually and in groups.

Along with all of our classes, some of us will be involved with recruiting, some will stay involved in the community while engaging in financial literacy projects, and we will all be preparing for the CPA exam and future careers.

ACC 600 Financial Literacy

I will keep you informed about ACC 600 Financial Literacy projects. MAC students split into teams and go out into the community to find opportunities to spread information about financial literacy to those who don’t have access to the information. We are all in the process of searching for a medium to spread our knowledge in the area and help others make better financial and investment decisions. As the semester continues, we will be volunteering to help various groups of our choice.

Keep checking in with me as I keep all of you updated on MAC activities as we prepare ourselves for jobs next fall!

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