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Record Number of Poole Faculty Serve as Editors for Financial Times Top 50 Journals

A number of Poole College of Management faculty members across departments have been appointed to serve as editors, associate editors and on the editorial boards for the Financial Times top 50 academic journals. The Financial Times (FT) 50 represents the top academic business journals in the world that publish some of the most impactful, and sometimes Nobel prize winning, research that has changed the way that we view business and economics. 

For the first time, faculty members from the Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are serving as an associate editor of each of the three FT 50 entrepreneurship journals. 

“To serve on the editorial board of an FT 50 journal means that the faculty member is at the forefront of business research and directly impacts the direction of future research,” said Richard Warr, associate dean for faculty and research. “Being asked to serve on the editorial board is also an indication from the academic profession of the skill and reputation of the faculty member.”

“We’re incredibly proud of all our faculty who hold these very prestigious appointments, they show how Poole is embodying Think and Do at the very highest level.”

Sebastian Heese, professor of supply chain management

  • Production and Operations Management | Senior Editor, 2010-present
  • Decision Sciences | Associate Editor, 2010-present

“What I like about these roles is that they keep me up to speed with ongoing research, sometimes even in areas that are not at my core area of expertise,” said Heese.

Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya, associate professor of operations and supply chain management

  • Production and Operations Management | Associate Editor, 2018-present

Brad Kirkman, professor of leadership

  • Academy of Management Journal | Editorial Board
  • Academy of Management Review | Editorial Board
  • Journal of Applied Psychology | Editorial Board

Tim Kraft, associate professor of operations and supply chain management

  • Production and Operations Management, sustainable operation department | Senior Editor

Elena Kulchina, associate professor of strategic management

  • Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal | Associate Editor, 2022-2025
  • Migration and Organizations at Organization Science | Guest Editor, 2021-present
  • Strategic Management Journal | Editorial Team, 2016-present
  • Academy of Management Review | Editorial Team, 2017-present
  • Academy of Management Discoveries | Editorial Team, 2020-present

“My roles as an associate editor and a guest editor include reviewing submitted manuscripts for their fit with the journal and potential and, if they pass the screening, sending them out to qualified reviewers,” said Kulchina. “Once the reviewers deliver their opinion, I review their comments as well as read and form my own opinion of the manuscript, make the decision and send the authors my decision letter.”

Jeff Pollack, professor of entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice | Editor, 2017-present
  • Journal of Management | Editorial Board Member, 2020-present
  • Journal of Business Venturing | Editorial Board Member, 2013-present

“My favorite part about this role is that I regularly get asked to participate in panels at conferences and colloquia that share with junior faculty members how to publish top tier research,” said Pollack. “That is really fun for me! Representing ETP and mentoring junior faculty members is so enjoyable.”

Andrew Schmidt, associate professor of accounting

  • Contemporary Accounting Research | Editorial Board

Mike Stanko, associate professor of marketing

  • Journal Research Policy | Advisory Editor, 2021-present

“I enjoy reviewing some very interesting innovation research from all around the world and occasionally getting called into the review process when additional expertise is needed,” said Stanko.

Don Warsing, associate professor of operations and supply chain management

  • Journal of Operations Management | Editorial Board, 2012-present

“What I most like about serving in this role is that it keeps me up to date at the forefront of emerging topics and novel research methods in the field,” said Warsing. 

Rob Whited, associate professor of accounting

  • The Accounting Review | Editorial Board

Stacy Wood, professor of marketing

  • Journal of Consumer Research | Editor

Tom Zagenczyk, professor of management, innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Journal of Management | Editorial Board

This post was originally published in Poole College of Management News.