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Victoria Hill

Undergraduate School/degree:

Campbell University

Background – where are you from originally?

Goldsboro, NC

Past work/leadership experience/activities in college

I worked two busy season internships with Bernard Robinson & Company, LLP, served my chapter in Alpha Delta Pi as operations specialist, and served Campbell University’s Accounting and Financial Planning Club as President and as Treasurer during my time in undergrad.

What type of job would you like to have after completing the MAC Program?

I am hoping to work for a public accounting firm as a tax associate after graduation.

Do you have any advice or tips you would like to give prospective students looking at applying to MAC programs?

Really consider what each university has to offer and what aspects matter the most to you.

Why did you choose the NC State MAC Program?

I chose NC State because of the location and the reputation of the program. NC State was my first choice for MAC Programs because of the high pass rates for the CPA Exam and high job placement for students who have completed the program.

What are your expectations while attending the MAC Program?

I expect to be thoroughly challenged and learn so much during my time in the MAC Program.

What are you looking forward to the most while in the Program?

I am most looking forward to the connections that I will make during the next year and seeing how my accounting knowledge will grow.