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Robert Williams

Undergraduate School/degree

North Carolina State University – Accounting: Financial Analysis Concentration

Background – where are you from originally?

I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina but I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina

Past work/leadership experience/activities in college

Prior to completing my undergraduate degree at NC State, I spent just under six years in the United States Marine Corps. During my time in the Marines, I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and held the position of Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge. As the NCOIC, I was responsible for the training, professional development, and personal well-being of over 53 Marines. I was also a Quality Assurance Representative for hydraulic systems as well as the structural integrity on the CH-53E helicopter. While on active duty I deployed once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan, where I was filled the role of Aerial Observer as a member of aircrew on CH-53E helicopters. During my senior year at NC State, I was elected to be the President of the NC State Accounting Society.

What type of job would you like to have after completing the MAC Program? If you already have secured a job – where and what area?

Upon completion of the MAC program, I would like to secure an audit position in public accounting.

Do you have any advice or tips you would like to give prospective students looking at applying toMAC programs?

My advice for any prospective MAC students would be to apply early, get involved in a leadership position on campus, and most importantly maintain a positive mental attitude.

Why did you choose the NC StateMAC Program?

I had several attributes that I was searching for in a MAC program:

  • Strong Reputation
  • World-Class Faculty
  • Sense of Belonging

NC State was the only MAC program that possessed all three. Being a part of the Wolfpack family is truly special and can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

What are your expectations while attending theMAC Program?

I am looking forward to the challenge that the MAC program offers and I expect to be pushed further than ever before. I understand that the MAC program will be difficult and this is one of the many reasons that it is so great.

What are you looking forward to the most while in the Program?

I am looking forward to making lifelong connections and memories while in the MAC program. The fact that I’ll learn from some of the best professors is an additional bonus.