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Nathaniel Thomas

Undergraduate School/degree

NC State University, Bachelors in Accounting.

Background – where are you from originally?

The itty bitty town of Bakersville, nestled in the mountains of NC.

Past work/leadership experience/activities in college

Interned at the office of the Secretary of State and RSM during the previous semester.


What type of job would you like to have after completing the MAC Program? If you already have secured a job – where and what area?

I will be working in the Raleigh RSM office. The Raleigh office specializes in specialty finance.

Do you have any advice or tips you would like to give prospective students looking at applying to MAC programs?

It is a tough program to get into and a lot of kids might be scared to apply thinking they’ll get denied. I say if you’ve done everything you can, then apply! I would also take meet the firms as seriously as possible.

Why did you choose the NC State MAC Program?

The professors at NC State love all the students. They want us to succeed in every endeavor. Before I came to NC State, I thought with such a large student body, I would never get to know my professors. However, after going through undergrad I have become very close to so many.

What are your expectations while attending the MAC Program?

A challenging, and enriching experience. I hope the MAC program will prepare me for my career and lead me on a path that will help me excel in my profession.

What are you looking forward to the most while in the Program?

The people. The people in this program whether students or faculty are phenomenal. They all support one another and build each other up. While I was in the AIR program, I got to know a lot of the new MAC students and it feels like a family to me. I couldn’t imagine many other programs with that same environment.