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Elizabeth Kukielka

Undergraduate School/degree

Elon University, Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Background – where are you from originally?

I was born in California but raised in Burlington, NC.

Past work/leadership experience/activities in college

I was in Alpha Xi Delta and the President of Student United Way while at Elon. I interned as an Inspector General Audit Intern at the Securities and Exchange Commission, interned for a Family Services firm, and completed a Federal Audit internship at KPMG. I also worked as a research assistant for a start-up company focused on making scientific research more readable!

What type of job would you like to have after completing the MAC Program? If you already have secured a job – where and what area?

I have accepted an offer with KPMG’s Federal Audit practice in Washington, DC. Someday I hope to do forensic accounting revolving around drug cartel funding!

Do you have any advice or tips you would like to give prospective students looking at applying to MAC programs?

You know more than you think! I thought I wouldn’t be able to get into “better” programs, but when I took the GMAT I surprised myself with what I knew. Take the time to research programs: the classes they offer, their CPA pass rate, their connections with firms, and their job placement rate. ALL of that will make your experience more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Why did you choose the NC StateMAC Program?

I chose NC State’s program for multiple reasons. I liked their flexibility of classes (I’m taking MBA and Public Administration classes as electives) and the ability to be a Graduate Assistant. The program boasts a strong success rate and emphasizes important accounting knowledge in their core classes. Plus, NC State is a huge campus compared to my undergrad, which I am excited to experience!

What are your expectations while attending the MAC Program?

I truly just expect to learn a lot and meet people who are interested in accounting (you don’t find those everywhere). I hope to make lasting connections with professors, students, and professionals – you never know if you’ll be working alongside them one day.

What are you looking forward to the most while in the Program?

I’m excited to focus my learning on an area I plan to spend most of my life in. In a Master of Accounting program, I am confident that what I’m learning is applicable to not only my interests, but my career. I’m also looking forward to (hopefully) finishing the CPA exam throughout the year!