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Advice from MAC Class of 2019

I wish I had known…

  • If you have time over the summer, then take a summer class or start on the CPA exams. Use your time wisely to help lighten the load in the Fall and Spring.
  • Don’t get caught up on grades because it’s not undergrad anymore. Focus on learning as much as you can. If you are putting in the work and studying hard, then the grades will come.  Don’t focus in on the number and individual grades.
  • Balancing your time is so important. Work hard during the week so that you can enjoy time with friends, go to sporting events, and have fun.  You need a day to decompress.
  • Come prepared for class. One of the biggest differences from undergrad is the class prep.  It is important to do your readings and to be ready to participate in class.  It is also really helpful when studying for exams because you can spend less time shifting through material and more time reviewing.
  • Don’t be scared to ask professors or peers for help because everyone wants everyone else to be successful.
  • Fall semester is going to feel overwhelming at first because you are trying to adjust. This is normal.  It’ll take time to learn what is expected and how to manage your time.  Spring semester will feel easier because you have gotten use to everything.  Do not be discouraged.
  • Put your mental health first. You have time to exercise, sleep, hang with friends, and enjoy life. There is no reason to get worked up.
  • Get to know your professors. They are great resources and genuinely care about you.
  • Remember that your classmates are part of your network. You never know when you may be looking for a job in the future, when you’ll need a reference, or may be working with one another.  Respect each other and yourself.
  • Enjoy this year. It’s one year like nothing you’ve done before.  You will work really hard and be overwhelmed at times, but you will make incredible friends and memories.  It’ll go faster than you think, so be present and have fun.