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Prague Student Experiences

Read what MAC students had to say about their experiences in the study abroad program:

Students and faculty in Prague

“Studying abroad was the best decision I made in the MAC program. The Prague Study Abroad gives you the opportunity to go into the MAC program in the fall already knowing a distinguished MAC program professor and a great group of fellow MAC program students.”

“It was an awesome experience to actually “live” in a different country for the 3 weeks and learn about their culture simply by living in it. I learned a lot about how life is in Prague and even how business is done in the countries we visited.”

“The Prague Institute is a wonderful facility–it is so centrally located to the historic sections of the city that every day included chance encounters with beautiful architecture and scenery.”

“I think that going abroad is such an important component of a “world-class” education. I gained so much confidence in myself and made wonderful connections to my MAC classmates by participating in this experience.”

“Businesses have so much going on globally, having the international experience is a definite asset on your resume.”

“We had the opportunity to work closely with our professor who was there with us, so once the fall term began I felt like those of us who went to Prague were already accustomed to his teaching style and could jump right into the new semester. And of course, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so being able to live there for a month (and being able to travel around to neighboring countries) was such a treat! I would highly recommend the study abroad opportunity for anyone who is interested, it was one of my favorite things that I did during grad school!”

“This trip also grows you as a person. Being in Prague, using a different currency, hearing a different language, and even eating different food, breaks you out of the norms in which you are comfortable. Therefore, you have to learn to be adaptable. This is an important skill in this age of globalization where you are required to interact with a diverse group of clients and co-workers.”

“Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to get to know some of my MAC classmates very well. I also appreciated the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Branson–our class was small enough to really receive individual attention.”