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Robin Pennington

Title: Associate Professor

MAC Course: ACC 540 – IT Risks and Controls

Background (degrees, past work experience, etc.)

Ph.D. University of South Carolina


Accounting Information Systems, IT Risk and Controls, ERP, Business Process Analysis, E-Business, Ph.D. Research Seminars


Auditing, Corporate Financial Reporting, Information Systems and Internal Control Systems

Recent / Past Research

My current research underway examines the judgment and decision making of non-professional investors and auditors. I conduct experiments and surveys to understand their decision making processes in different tasks and environments. I look at potential decision making biases and the usefulness of decision support systems and other information technology solutions.

My past published research is largely judgment and decision making studies examining the decision processes related to the effects of information presentation format, belief revision, impression management, and information overload.

What are some highlights of your experience teaching in the MAC Program?

The best part of teaching in the MAC program is watching the growth our students throughout the year. I enjoy working with students one on one and getting to know each individual. I am always impressed by our students and enjoy seeing them begin their careers in the accounting profession.

What are MAC students like in the classroom?

MAC students are dedicated and motivated. They have worked hard to get to our program and they intend to be successful. Many have had an internship or work experience that adds great value to the classroom discussion.

Do you have any advice to prospective students on what to expect from the MAC curriculum?

I believe students expect an interactive and challenging curriculum – and we deliver it! I would advise students to always come to class prepared and ready to contribute. Students find out early how many recruiting opportunities are available so time management is crucial for success. Learn to balance the activities with the demands of the curriculum – it will pay off.

Something personal you would like to share

I am blessed to have a wonderful family. We enjoy traveling, outdoor activities and working with our Church’s tech team. My husband is a small business owner which helps me maintain a real life business perspective.