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3…2…1…We’re done!

It’s hard to believe but the end is in sight. The nine-month MAC program experience has come to an end in the blink of an eye. This program has been quite the adventure but I’d like to spend this blog highlighting my three favorite things about the program: the people, the classes, the challenge.

The People

Whether it’s my classmates, my professors, or accounting faculty and staff, the people involved in the program have made a huge impact on my life. My classmates have supported me and shared many laughs with me the past nine months, which has turned into lifelong friendships that wouldn’t exist without this program. My professors have instilled knowledge in me that has more than prepared me for my professional career. The accounting faculty and staff have encouraged me endlessly and aided me in my career and personal development, which has also better prepared me for the real world.

The Classes

Thirty-one credit hours has given me a potpourri of advanced accounting, business, and professional knowledge. Being able to take advanced courses that take a deep-dive into accounting and business material have given me the edge to exceed and be successful in the professional world. One of my favorite aspects about the MAC Program classes is that many provide hands-on, real-world experience that exposed me to the opportunities and challenges I will face throughout my career. This has allowed me to grow professionally and mentally before I’ve even officially begun my career.

The Challenge

The past nine months, I have been pushed and challenged beyond what I thought were my limits. However, the MAC program has shown me I’m capable of a lot more, and that in itself has been beyond rewarding. Not only have I learned an extensive amount of technical knowledge, but I’ve improved my time management and soft skills drastically. The challenges of the MAC program kept me motivated to work harder each day and to strive for excellence, and I am now much more confident and prepared to reap the benefits of overcoming adversity in the real world.